International tax advice

Doing business across national borders can be very interesting for you as an entrepreneur. However, it also deserves specific attention from a professional and involved tax specialist. The tax laws and regulations in other countries are often difficult to fathom and also change regularly. Forward Tax lawyers are known for their extensive experience with internationally operating companies. It is therefore not surprising that we are listed as a specialist and many entrepreneurs and companies know how to find our professional tax support and implementation.

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Sharp and distinctive advice from dedicated and experienced tax specialists, all with a background at the Big4.

Experience is key

Our team of tax consultants has a solid track record when it comes to international (re)structuring and guiding company takeovers. Think, for example, of setting up a new branch or subsidiary abroad. Forward's tax specialists are familiar with applicable tax treaties and provide professional analyzes & documentation in the field of transfer pricing, so opportunities and risks are clear. Our international advice also concerns your corporate income tax and, for example, the wage tax for expats. As a result, even complex tax issues are managed professionally, and you can continue to focus on your core business.

Areas of expertise

 · Legal forms abroad

· Transfer Pricing

· Investment structures

· Work across borders

· Social security (international)

· Emigration & remigration

· International group financing

Some specialists in this area

Internationaal netwerk & specialisaties 

With Forward Tax Lawyers you can bring in specialists who have an extensive international network. This ensures that - if necessary - we can always switch quickly on location, with the right specialist in the right place. With our modern approach we avoid international double taxation and limit your general tax burden to the maximum. This way we increase your margins and support growth, both at home and abroad. International tax law offers many possibilities if you hire the right tax consultant from Forward Tax Lawyers.

In trouble with the tax authorities?

If you unexpectedly encounter problems with the tax authorities, you can also contact us. We regularly guide entrepreneurs and private individuals in book surveys, objection- and appeal procedures. We are there for you, both in difficult and pleasant circumstances, to guide you in current tax opportunities and to limit risks.

Concerns around international tax issues? Let us help you.

International tax and -legislation can be particularly complex. Let us take away the concerns for you. The specialists from Forward Tax Lawyers will help you with transparent, professional and concrete advice.

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