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As a healthcare provider you are constantly dealing with (new) divergent laws and regulations. Forward Tax Lawyers is highly specialized in the tax aspects within the care domain. We inform and advise you proactively and are your partner for strong tax advice, who understands what is going on in care. The tax domains on which we can assist you are (among others) VPB, VAT, wage tax, real estate advice, Horizontal Supervision and Tax Control Framework. We have a solid customer portfolio, including several large healthcare institutions. Bottom line, Forward Tax Lawyers is at home in healthcare and speaks the language.

Ask for good advice
Professional support for care providers and specialists in the traditional 'cure', as well as institutions and foundations that operate in 'care'.

Tax advice by specialists

Your organization has to deal with various types of tax, such as wage tax, sales tax, corporation tax and taxes on real estate matters. Certainty about your tax positions is important: in this way you can fully focus on offering good care. We advise you in getting (and keeping) your tax positions in control. We translate tax legislation and regulations into tailor-made advice that fits your organization. The Forward healthcare team pays specific attention to the avoidance of unnecessary fiscal burdens as a result of legislation on care and health.

Health law

We advise healthcare providers in the traditional 'cure' as well as institutions and foundations that operate in 'care'. We advise you on the corporate (tax) law aspects of the Medical Specialist Company, the Wkkgz, BIG, Wgbo, healthcare procurement and physical checks by the health insurer (Zvw), Wlz, Wmo, privacy law (Wbp), admission requirements (Wtzi), etc. Of course we are also of your assistance in the event that you are unexpectedly involved in a (judicial) procedure. 

Some specialists in healthcare

Forward Tax Lawyers is your healthcare specialist

Let yourself be informed and advised about the (new) divergent taxregulations that you -as a care provider- constantly have to deal with.

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