Tax Control Framework (TCF)

Transparency and the control of taxation within your company today have a completely different meaning than before. Managing tax processes throughout the entire business-chain is becoming increasingly important to manage tax consequences and risks. With a tax control framework, we enable you to implement a correct and solid tax strategy. You will gain insight in your tax position, opportunities and risks, in line with current regulations.

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Sharp and distinctive advice from dedicated and experienced tax specialists, all with a background at the Big4.

Set up TCF in phases

With a set of processes and internal control measures we ultimately provide a framework with which gives you tax control. The arrangement of this is done in phases. From awareness to implementation, and then through transparent monitoring to arrive at an 'in-control' statement. In the first phase, tax objectives and the scope are determined with you (strategy). On this basis, different tax types are set up separately in a process-based manner. Monitoring of the regulated processes is (from then on) a continuous process. Finally, you can consider obtaining a 'tax process audit' to prove your tax transparency.

A tax lawyer who is 100% involved

Our core values already reflect it. We have a modern working method and transparent approach. You can expect our tax specialists to approach your tax affairs with a broad perspective and be 100% involved. If necessary, we will introduce you to external parties if there is a need for other disciplines linked to tax issues. Consider, for example, an appropriate administration office (large or small), in order to optimize and guarantee your tax structure.

Some specialists in this area


Collaborate; local, national and international

We strongly believe in partnerships and have a broad professional network. In this network, various important disciplines complement each other (e.g. accountants, notaries, corporate finance, pensions consultants). Locally we can always offer a suitable partner for issues that sometimes border on taxation, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Our customers can therefore focus on their core business and make the difference in their own market. As a client of Forward Tax Lawyers you benefit automatically and directly from this wide network.

In trouble with the tax authorities?

If you unexpectedly encounter problems with the tax authorities, you can also contact us. We regularly guide entrepreneurs and private individuals in book surveys, objection- and appeal procedures. We are there for you, both in difficult and pleasant circumstances, to guide you in current tax opportunities and to limit risks.

Work on the things your are passionate about

An entrepreneur knows that he/she can spend the best time in things where passion and pleasure arise. For most entrepreneurs, this passion and ambition can not be found in the handling of tax issues. Please contact our tax specialists and you will be helped quickly and thoroughly.

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